Frameshop for the 2012 Election: Still Partisan

In the last Presidential election, I spent the final month waking up early to help get out the vote for Obama-Biden in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Volunteering for campaigns has never been my passion. I didn’t do it all that much. I was a last-minute volunteer, not a volunteer organizer or leader. Mostly, I can’t stand riding in rented vans being driven by people I’ve never met. I don’t particularly get on well with field directors who tend to be half my age. ;And at the end of the day, I am a writer.

But I showed up in 2008. I wanted to feel what it was like and in the end it was a very meaningful experience.

And I went to the inauguration. By myself, in the cold, I crammed into the Metro and I stood on the hill next to the Washington Monument for hours and hours just to be there–just to tell my children that I was there.

Almost four years later, a lot has changed, but those experiences still mean a great deal to me. I hope they stay with me forever.

Why do I bring these up, now?

I bring it up by way of reminding everyone who continues to read Frameshop that no matter how much this site may critique the Democratic Party, this site still stands for partisanship–still argues for one side over another.

I write this very much aware that there is a big new argument on the Left, these days. It’s an argument that says the Democratic Party is no longer worth supporting because both parties have been corrupted by a corrupt system. ;This site has not been neutral in expressing support for that perspective and admiration for the OWS protesters who took that critique to the streets. I still believe in direct action and the value it adds to our current debate.

But I also believe in those experiences I was so fortunate to have in 2008, even more so as we head into the final stretch of 2012.

I can say without question that a brighter future for this country depends on President Obama being re-elected for a second term. America will survive 4 or even 8 years of Mitt Romney. But that survival will be grim.

The Republicans of 2012 are exponentially worse ideologically than they were in 2008. The GOP primary, flush with weak candidates desperate for support from the hate-filled fringe, forced Mitt Romney to embrace party policy positions that devalue, criminalize, disenfranchise, and whip up violence against millions of men and women in our country. No matter what one thinks about the influence of corporations on domestic policy, the extremism of the Republican Party should give us pause.

With all this in mind, after a long hiatus on Frameshop, I pick up the ball again with partisanship in mind.

Now is the time for taking sides. While I respect readers’ choices to take a side that moves them beyond the two-party system, Frameshop, for its part, will enter this two-party fight as it has in the past.

The Republicans are running a campaign rooted in some of the most deceptive rhetorical parlor tricks ever used. And they are deploying these tricks in a right-wing media machine so bloated with extremist cash that it has the power to suffocate public discourse like a tidal wave of lard. Farmeshop will be pushing back as hard as it can.

Welcome back.


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  1. Not just deceptive they’re flat out lying. Welcome back to YOU! Looking forward to your posts throughout this election!

  2. The last time I paid any attention on political elections when I voted for President Clinton. Not that I was a fanatic than or really paid attention like I am now during this 2012 election. I came back to Politics when I first heard than Senator Barack Obama during the presidential campaign of 2008. His message not Hillary’s resonated with me and I started to listen again. Like the majority of Americans I too was turned off by politics feeling it’s all a bunch of bull shit, corruption why should I care. I voted four years ago as a Democrat, this years I changed my political status to Independent because like you, I felt the same that both political parties has been corrupted by a corrupt system. Not that changing political sides would be less evil by being an Independent, but because my views of the World is not in a box. I could either share, agree either Republican or Democratic views but my political decisions would be based on my values, what is best for the People, our Planet, our Country and Globally understanding it dont matter what side of the World you live at, we affect each other.

    Yes, the President’s first term wasn’t a perfect union. The doors of the White House welcomed President Obama occupied by an already corrupt system a broken Washington smacked his naivete mistakes of the “Hope and change” he promised on a temporary pause. His exceptionalism was met by angry white men on the far right Republican Congress catching the “extremism” fever outbreak fearing the change, obstructing at every turn like mad men fervently trying to hold onto their powers to return restore and maintain the status quo at the expense of the American people and recovery for the economy.

    I would say Santorum wasn’t far off with the hand reference lol. I had a dream couple of months back holding a skeleton hand and I was with all my might and strenghth crushing the skeletor hand hurring because someone was after me.
    hmm..It’s only a dream nothing to it im sure(smiling). Okay got side tracked.

    My future, America’s future is best in the hands and leadership of President Obama than a Romney presidency. I feel some of the “Hope and Change” has been realized with four million plus private sector jobs, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Act, Affordable Healthcare Act, tax cuts for the middle class, wall Street reform, Bin Laden is dead, our foreign policy affairs in favorable standings globally than the prior Bush administration, we are less energy dependent, efforts and focus to take better care of our veterans our military men and women still serving, and importantly he understands climate change is not a hoax! Our we better off than we did four year ago? Yes! Do we want a president who represents “We the People” that includes all of us, a president who represents our interests, our values and our american dreams? Yes yes!

    “WE THE PEOPLE” hold the powers and giveth our authority to continue to move the progress “Forward” to continue the work “Forward” of hope and change. I loved what Kerry Washington said at the DNC lastnight:
    “You may not be thinking of politics, but politics is thinking of you”
    Is why in the 2008 election my conscious was awaken not fully aware and in this election I am reminded as an American citizen, as a Women as a Human being, I silenced my rights, my powers, my authority to inaction taken accountability why our government our leaders in Washington our Politicians have corrupted itself. We have allowed them to affect our lives and impose their will against our Liberty our Freedom. President Obama is correct when he said “We are the change” he and his administration cannot do it alone “We the People” must take an active role and take up leaderships in our government, in our Communities, in Education in Business, in our relationships Globally, in protecting our environment and Planet. I can’t emphasize enough the importance to stop degrading the Earth.

    America’s consciousness is evolving expanding our Intelligence to new ideas, solutions, innovations, creativity to retool our economy for the 21st Century. The choice is simple, the choice is clear. We must re-elect President Obama and Vice President Obama, VOTE 2012!

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