Bet You $10,000 You’ll Still Dislike Romney After the Debates

As America gets ready for the first of the 2012 Presidential debates, one fact is abundantly clear: nobody likes Mitt Romney.

And by now–after what seems like 2,000 years of this endless election–it is clear why nobody likes Mitt Romney: because he embodies the arrogance of money.

How many voters like someone who embodies the arrogance of money?  I have no idea exactly, but I do know this: not enough to win a Presidential election.

One has to wonder how Mitt Romney has run for President for so long and, somehow, not managed to find a solution to this particular problem–the fundamental problem of how he presents himself to the public that he wants to vote for him.

What I find telling is the fact that Romney has failed to see past this basic misreading of the American public and of himself–and that this misreading has, it would seem, doomed his entire campaign to the valley of we-don’t-like you.

Instead of digging deep, say, ten years ago to craft a political message that spoke to a wider swath of Americans than those who worship the ultra rich, Romney just restates his flawed case again and again.

Where is the campaign consultant who told Romney aside to tell him this truth in a way that got to him? Where is the family member who spoke to him in an unguarded moment and made him see this obvious truth?

They are nowhere to be found.

Or–and this seems more likely–Mitt Romney’s arrogance is actually protected by an impenetrable shield of ego.  Nothing gets past the ego that might temper the arrogance.

And so he is stuck.

T-minus one hour, there could be some surprises in tonight’s debate, but one thing I know for sure: you dislike Mitt Romney now and after the debate–you’ll still dislike him.


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  1. georgelstein,

    Succinct and deadly accurate. Well done.

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