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Growing Old in Ron Paul’s America

NEW YORK (Frameshop) – Every time I force myself to watch the 2012 GOP field try to out whine one another in yet another televised “debate,” I cannot understand why Ron Paul is still on that stage.  The other candidates may be unprepared and insincere, but Ron Paul spews nonsense–nonsense often laced with seemingly humane calls to end wars that he undercuts with promises to abandon the sick, poor, and elderly. Huge tracts of American government for the last 150 years are against the law?  A monetary system not based on gold deprives people of liberty?  Good lord this stuff is puerile hokum.

But then it occurred to me why people listen to him:  because the media never takes the time to explain what will happen to this country if Ron Paul’s policies were enacted.

Dethroning Wall Street Arrogance

NEW YORK (Frameshop) – One of the initial goals of non-violent street-level protest is to elicit from the status quo the very problem targeted by the movement.  March against colonial repression: elicit repressive colonial violence. March against racism: elicit brutal racist violence. March for women’s rights: elicit misogynistic hatred. The examples are endless. Almost every protest movement achieves this same initial goal because the status quo targeted always resorts initially to the very tools that keep the status quo in place: ridicule, disdain, violence.

The Cancer in the American Dream

NEW YORK (Frameshop) – One of the aspects of  the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) the mainstream media has failed to grasp is the extent to which it has generated an almost continuous string of protest innovations, some of which reveal a great deal about the issues motivating people.

One example are the “We are the 99%” self-portraits circulating the internet.  As of the writing of this post, a site by that name has collected almost 1,000 of those self-portraits, all of which follow the same general format: a person posing with a hand-written or typed note describing the personal devastation the American economy has visited upon their lives.  

GOP Candidatemania 2012


NEW YORK – Watching the GOP rock-show pyrotechnics shoot up at the prospect of Chris Christie running for president, keen observers may have noticed a remarkable transformation taking place in American politics.

Republicans have injected so much ginned-up lab-tested indignation into their campaigns that their nomination contest looks more like a professional wrestling road show than a civic debate about America’s future.

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