Debates Work Differently For Each Ticket

As I get ready along with the rest of TV viewing America to endure the last of these 2012 Presidential debates (please…no more), one recurrent point comes to mind about how this particular exercise works and does not work for the different candidates.

Debate Déjà Vu All Over Again: It’s the Frame

For me, this election is 2004 déjà vu all over again, even if the scenario may seem at first glance to be reversed.

In that election, if you recall, all the talk was of John Kerry torching George W. Bush in the debates.  Kerry had so much knowledge and so much experience, people said.  Dubya had so many mistakes in his first term, people said.

None of it mattered.

Menacing Mitt

Obama’s strategy, last night, seems to have been clear.  The President wanted to wound his opponent early with the specific goal of forcing the public to see past the media hype and understand Romney for who he really is: an angry, out of touch tycoon itching to unleash his callous and destructive economic program like a wrecking ball swinging at the very foundation of working families across America.

And wound him he did.

Can Obama Knock Romney Off His Fun?

With a few hours to go before the second debate between Romney and Obama, this is a good time to take a last-minute gut check as to what might actually be the outcome.

One Word Can Win The Next Debate

NEW YORK — Almost 4 years after it was published, his New York Times Op-Ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” is still the clearest statement of a sociopathic economic ideology that will be unleashed on the American public if Mitt Romney wins the election.   President Obama would be wise to hold it up to the viewing audience multiple times in tomorrow’s Presidential debate.

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