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Can Obama Knock Romney Off His Fun?

With a few hours to go before the second debate between Romney and Obama, this is a good time to take a last-minute gut check as to what might actually be the outcome.

One Word Can Win The Next Debate

NEW YORK — Almost 4 years after it was published, his New York Times Op-Ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” is still the clearest statement of a sociopathic economic ideology that will be unleashed on the American public if Mitt Romney wins the election.   President Obama would be wise to hold it up to the viewing audience multiple times in tomorrow’s Presidential debate.

Everyone Should Laugh At, Interrupt Romney & Ryan

Last night’s Vice Presidential debate brought forth yet another maddening pretense of an election gone mad.

Apparently–if you follow the logic of a vast segment of the supposedly educated and professional media class–when a candidate like Paul Ryan lies repeatedly, the opposition is supposed to sit politely and listen.  Because Joe Biden laughed at Ryan and interrupted him with as many variations on “malarkey” as prime time television would allow, the Vice President was excoriated as rude, impolite, and cranky.

All I can say to the likes of people like Wolf Blitzer, Brit Hume, and Wolf Blitzer is: Are you friggin’ kidding me?

Bring It, Mr. President: The Breakout Performance

Unless you are living under a rock, you have noticed that the polls jumped for Mitt Romney after the first debate. Who cares if he “won” or not–the polls now show a leap. He’s ahead in some, tied in others, close in still others.  There has been a change in the race.  Democrats are running around in circle, knocking into each other, and falling down like extras in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  What’s happening?

Republicans In Romneyville

It should come as no surprise that yesterday’s positive jobs report was greeted by Republicans with yet another conspiracy theory.  Nonetheless, a sizable chunk of the media and the electorate are still convinced that Mitt Romney is somehow antithetical to the crazy that now dominates the GOP–as opposed to proudly playing the flute at the head of the procession.

The fact is, as of October 2012, Republicans are in Romneyville.

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