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Two Words that Shed Light on Occupy Wall Street

NEW YORK (Frameshop) – One of the most common reactions to the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) has been for media and politicians to ask “What is it about?”  Former Republican Gov. Gary Johnson is the latest visitor to Zuccotti Park to take this approach.  Curiously, though, there is another version of this “What is it about?” meme emerging in the form of questions that ask “What is the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street?”

As it happens, what is going on in OWS and how to distinguish the Tea Party from OWS are both possible with a fair degree of certainty.  The key is to introduce two basic terms to set the stage for discussion.

Growing Old in Ron Paul’s America

NEW YORK (Frameshop) – Every time I force myself to watch the 2012 GOP field try to out whine one another in yet another televised “debate,” I cannot understand why Ron Paul is still on that stage.  The other candidates may be unprepared and insincere, but Ron Paul spews nonsense–nonsense often laced with seemingly humane calls to end wars that he undercuts with promises to abandon the sick, poor, and elderly. Huge tracts of American government for the last 150 years are against the law?  A monetary system not based on gold deprives people of liberty?  Good lord this stuff is puerile hokum.

But then it occurred to me why people listen to him:  because the media never takes the time to explain what will happen to this country if Ron Paul’s policies were enacted.

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